2018 (Proposition)

[Sent to an admin to be posted anonymously on March 23, 2019.]

When I met Andy and Gopal in 1999-2000, I was in high school. I adored their music and probably saw BM ten times before I was 18. While I admired them, I was much too shy to make real conversation.

About a year ago, I felt nostalgic and began following their careers again. I did not date Andy, but he did pursue me online for a brief time. No relationship materialized, but when I read Gopal’s post and noticed a striking similarity between myself and the women described as his “type,” I felt uncomfortable. I’m including my story for the sake of sharing information with the women who may have been involved with him last spring/summer.

Last year, when I saw that he was posting new music via Facebook live, I was excited to listen. A friend and I listened together and began interacting with him during these live posts. At the time, I was impressed that he seemed to pay equal attention to his fans, not just the cute girls. It was disarming and I felt very special when our conversation became personal.

After a short time, he said he wanted to buy me dinner. He indicated he was willing to travel or meet me in another state. He said he didn’t drink but indicated he didn’t mind if I did. Having spent most of my adult life in recovery, I found it strange that a sober guy would feel comfortable dating a drinker. I decided not to pursue him with flattery and flirtation. Our communication fizzled shortly after.

As an adult, I lost weight, got over my shyness and embraced a career in business. It felt nice that such a good-looking man was interested in me. Thankfully, that giddy feeling dissipated quickly. The teenage fan girl in me recognized him for more than his rock star image.

My heart goes out to anyone he might have harmed. I’m sure you will heal in time.