Victim Stories

First-hand accounts by women, organized according to the year(s) of their experience(s) with Andy Deane.

2018 (Unsafe Sex)
1. K.C.12. A.L.3. O.D.4. N.A.5. S.S.16. S.S.27. A.P.8. K.L.9. L.P.10. K.C. 211. S.S.312. K.W.13. A.W.14. A.F. Here are the initials
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2018 (Proposition)
When I met Andy and Gopal in 1999-2000, I was in high school. I adored their music and probably saw
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2015 (Underage Girls)
I’ve debated coming forward with this for years, mostly because I care about all of the women involved, even the
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1997 (Cheating)
On Dec. 20, 2018, I shared Gopal’s original post on Facebook, with the following statement: Time to add my voice.
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1991-1997 (Cheating/Using)
I was very much hoping to stay silently supportive of Gopal and all of my other friends, those who had
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