Gopal’s Response to Andy’s Statement

[Posted publicly on Gopal Metro’s Facebook on Jan. 17, 2019]

First reaction? Sadly, this is just more of the same and I call bullshit.

If he is serious, he will take real action.

Based on his statement and everything that 23 years of closely knowing him brings to bear, I do not believe that he is. Right now, he is just trying to save face with words and is feeding on the kindness of others. All of the “sympathy and support.”

Reading the comments, many people are jumping right in on the “Aww, poor guy” and “good on you!” bandwagons. Very few have any first hand knowledge of the situation, nor do they understand all that happened to get to the point where the only remaining course of action was to publicly shout a warning to anyone who would listen as loudly as possible in an effort to protect any more people from getting hurt.

But they want to “support” someone that they think is “a good guy”. A funny person with a pretty voice who has the kindest eyes and was “always nice” to them. But, they are just feeding the beast. And it WILL lead to more people getting hurt.

No matter what people say, no matter how much hate is sent my way over all of this, the ONLY thing that matters in regard to him is what he actually DOES. Everything else is just a show.

This is something that those he has hurt have learned in painful detail and something that those who think they are intimate with him and are currently supportive of him will learn the hard way soon enough.

You see, we have all heard this shit before.

If people continue to trust him and give him the benefit of the doubt, then women will continue to get hurt. If you want to help him, hold him accountable for his ACTIONS because his words mean nothing.

You can’t be a good human being by saying, “Hey guys, look! See! I’m a good human being now! I’m so sorry I did so many wrong things and hurt so many people. But, for real this time!” Then go out and fuck somebody over. Yet again. No, you have to BE a good human being. Every. Single. Day.

And if you don’t know HOW to be a good human being. You have to put forth serious effort to learn.

The reality of the situation is that it takes five plus years of steady therapy to even think about recovery and healing for someone who has done what he has done. Does he have it in him?

I will believe it when I see it.

In the meantime and informed by 23 years of watching how he treats people, I don’t trust a damned thing he says.