From a Fellow Musician

[Originally posted to Facebook on Dec. 21, 2018 by musician Damion Champe of Richmond, VA. Reposting here and using his name at his request.]

A lot of people have asked me my feelings on Andy Deane over the last few years. I have always tried to answer honestly and without mincing words.

For the record:

I DO NOT Speak to Andy Deane.
I DO NOT Support Andy Deane.
I DO NOT Perform with Andy Deane.
I DO NOT Support “Belle Morte,” “The Rain Within” or any other project that Andy Deane is involved in.
I am NOT his “Friend” on social media.

Many of my dear friends have fallen prey to this person over the course of time and it’s incredibly painful to find out just how much damage was inflicted, ultimately, to satisfy his ego.

Ultimately, I DO NOT support Sexual Predators / Manipulators or Gas Lighters that bloat themselves fat at the expense of the woman they prey upon.

Everyone has the ability to be or become a better person. It just takes consistency, dedication and some level of moral integrity.

I sincerely hope that Andy retreats for a very long time, works on himself (in a real and honest way and not just saying it to manipulate women into feeling that he is showing them a feigned vulnerability.)
That he will privately work on himself and follow through with the growing pains of having to earn peoples trust again.

I want to believe that he will do all of that, but much like the women that he’s abused and taken advantage of were told when they tried to voice their accounts, I just don’t believe him.