Friend of Verity

[Sent through on March 4, 2019]

My friend “Verity” of almost 20 years has posted in the victim statements section telling her story. I write to corroborate as an observer. I remember her telling me about her horrible discovery when it happened. It made me sick for her and for all of the women involved. I know that it deeply injured her and understandably impacted her ability to trust anyone again. She continues to battle the emotional after-effects. But she is very strong and is prevailing. I remember thinking that Andy had us all fooled. In the three years they had dated I had thought at worst that he seemed a bit self-centric and narcissistic, but he seemed like such a nice guy that I never thought anything darker lurked below the surface. That is how he continues to get away with this horrendous behavior. He is an incredible actor and charmer. I have great admiration for my friend and all of those who have come forward to shed light on his behavior. It takes a lot of courage. If we keep this discussion alive, it may save future women.