Andy Deane’s Response

[Posted publicly on Facebook on Jan. 16, 2019]

This is all I will be saying publicly to anyone not directly involved. I’m going to keep this as concise as I can because as far as those I’ve hurt are concerned, the only thing I can say that matters is I’m sorry. And I *am* sorry.

I’ve spent the past few weeks away from social media so I could get a handle on my thoughts, my issues, and my plans from this point on.

As for the allegations that my actions have been malicious and intentional, I can only tell you that I know what was in my head and my heart better than anyone looking in from the outside. But intent only matters so much in the wake of action, and will never be something I can prove or expect anyone to believe. I have been selfish and careless with people’s hearts and feelings and the ‘why’s’ don’t change that. I acknowledge this and am able to have those conversations with anyone I hurt.

In the meantime, I’m seeking the help I need to come through this stronger and better.