Bella Verita – Standing Against Abuse

On December 19, 2018, Andy Deane, the lead singer of the synthwave band The Rain Within and the gothic rock bands Bella Morte and Brighter Fires, was accused of being a predatory abuser. Former Bella Morte members Gopal Metro and Micah Consylman, who witnessed his behavior over a period of years, made public announcements on Facebook, calling Deane to account. Many others who know Deane and who were either victims of his abuse or who witnessed his behavior first hand came forward to corroborate Metro and Consylman’s statements.

Since 1991, Deane has targeted and harmed at least 50 women that we know of. In December, 2018, 15 women came forward and gave testimonies on Facebook about how he had harmed them, often citing gaslighting tactics that left them emotionally damaged and even suicidal. Some of these statements are preserved on this website.

In the comments on a separate post by Consylman, over 40 people came forward and said that they had witnessed Deane’s behavior and that it had negatively affected their lives or the lives of a friend or loved one.

On top of the social manipulation and emotional abuse, Deane currently has a legal injunction against him for a sum of $10,000 that he stole from one of his ex-girlfriends. She was 21 and he was 36.

He also currently owes over $5000 in rent and utilities to another one of his ex partners, after convincing her to pay for all rent and utilities for two years because he was “working on [his] music career” and didn’t feel like he should have to contribute. She was 19 and he was 38. has been created as a place to gather existing statements together and to collect additional ones. The primary goals of this site are to help the victims of Deane’s abuse to support each other and to prevent continued abuse of others.

All content on this site is about alleged events. The most serious allegations against Andy Deane include:

  • Lying to sexual partners about his sexual health status and safe sex practices
  • Knowingly and deceptively putting partners at risk for STIs
  • Possession of nude photos of underage women
  • Serial cheating on monogamous partners
  • Ongoing financial abuse
  • Ongoing emotional abuse

Details of the above allegations can be found in the victim stories and observer statement sections of this site.

The following has occurred as a result of Deane’s behaviors:

  • Dec. 2018: Live drummer Mike K. Johnson left The Rain Within
  • Dec. 2018:  Gopal Metro, Micah Consylman, 15 women that Deane abused and over 40 other people who witnessed his behavior came forward or shared their stories.
  • Jan. 2019: Bella Morte was dropped from the lineup for the MystiCon festival scheduled for Feb. 23, 2019 in Roanoke, Virginia.
  • Feb. 19, 2019: The Rain Within was dropped from the lineup for a showcase scheduled for March 16, 2019 at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, TX.
  • Ongoing, 2019: As word spreads, Deane continues to be held accountable for his behavior. However, far too many still support him and his career. By doing so, they enable him to prey on his fans and put the lives of many more women at risk. We strongly encourage you to make others aware of Deane’s behaviors and to direct people to this website. We welcome your own personal stories regarding any negative interactions you have had with Deane and, with respect to the privacy of those who have come forward, we will promptly answer any questions you may have about these events.